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Interfata Xhorse MVCI Pro J2534 XDMVJ0CH


Program: L - V 09:00 - 17:00
Comenzile plasate pana in ora 15 vor fi livrate a doua zi.

  Transport gratuit la comenzi mai mari de 400 Lei.

Transportul gratuit se aplica doar comenzilor livrate pe teritoriul Romaniei si fara KM suplimentari


Retur in 14 zile.

Product Introduction:

·  This product meets the standard design of the mainstream automobile industry, and many automobile manufacturers on the market

Home supports the J2534 automotive communication protocol. For example: Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda, Ford, etc.

·  Install the original factory diagnostic software supporting the J2534 automotive communication protocol on the computer, and the

The MVCI PRO J2534 vehicle diagnostic programming line connects the vehicle and the computer, which can replace the original

Factory testing equipment completes functions such as vehicle diagnosis and programming.

·  MVCI PRO J2534 vehicle diagnostic programming line supports a variety of original factory diagnostic software,

For example: Volkswagen (support PDU protocol), Toyota, Honda, Subaru, Ford, Horse Zida and so on.

Product Features:

· It replaces multiple sets of expensive original equipment, and can complete original factory-level vehicle diagnosis and programming.

· Meet the mainstream automotive industry design standards, support D-PDU and J2534 two major diagnostic standards.

· Support Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda, Ford and other automobile manufacturers.

· Support multiple vehicle communication protocols.

· Support multiple original factory testing software (and continue to update).

· Connected to the PC terminal, the operation is more stable and smooth.

· The signal light can prompt the status of the device and help efficient work.


1. Please download and install the original factory diagnostic software on the computer, the original factory software needs to support J2534

(Note: The original software needs to be downloaded by the user from other channels, some brand original software

There is a special J2534 diagnostic software, for details, please refer to the official information of the original factory. )

2. Please download and install the MVCI PRO-J2534 software on the computer

3. Connect the OBD interface of the MVCI PRO-J2534 vehicle diagnostic programming line to the vehicle,

USB interface connected to the computer (the computer needs to install MVCI PRO-J2534 software and the original factory diagnosis

break software).


4. After the connection is completed, click 【Connect Device】 in the MVCI PRO-J2534 software to connect to the

After successful connection, you can view the device information, including firmware version number, serial number, etc.

【Read Authorization】 You can read the current device authorization status and available times. (Note: When

When the number of available times is 0, the use of most functions will be restricted)

【Update Authorization】 You can update the latest authorization status of the device and reset the available times.


5. Install the driver required by the corresponding brand in the MVCI PRO-J2534 software 【vehicle diagnosis】

move. After the installation is successful, it can be operated on the original factory diagnostic software.

6. In the MVCI PRO-J2534 software 【Device Update】, you can check the current version information.

Information, software update, firmware update operation.

7. In the MVCI PRO-J2534 software 【System Settings】, you can switch the software language, print

Open operation log and save operation log.

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Interfata Xhorse MVCI Pro J2534 XDMVJ0CH

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